Controlling Your Sound

When playing the guitar, there is more going on than just creating what is heard.  Around that you need to be in control of the rest of the strings, silencing any that are not being [...]

Playing Like a Child

Remember when you were a child?  You played freely, lived in the moment, and did not worry about what was next.  It is important to have this freedom of play in your jamming abilities as [...]

Infinite Points

Having the dynamic ability to go beyond the rhythm and melody is going to make you a better soloing guitarist.  Don’t just focus on one point; surround the rhythm with infinite points.  There are many, [...]

Know Your Guitar

It is important to know every note on the guitar.  No matter what fret you hold on what string, your goal should be to be able to know each note without thinking twice.  Start by [...]

Musical Training

Ninety Percent of your training as a musician should be solo.  You have to sit down on your own and practice the things you learn.  It’s the job of a good teacher to show you [...]

Learn the Notes on the Fretboard

Pick a note to locate (for example E) and set your metronome to 65.  Then proceed to locate that note on the 6th string in all positions with each click of the metronome. Proceed to [...]

Timing and Rythm

“When you understand timing, then you also understand rhythm.  Timing and rhythm-they are one and the same thing, yet they are different.  To understand them both as one, you must understand them individually.  It is [...]

Open Your Mind While Learning Guitar

Getting to know your musical theory (chords, scales, modes, etc) is important, but keep an open mind to the fact that there are endless things you can do on a guitar.  Learn to be at [...]

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