About Coren Smith

Without music, life would be a mistake.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

coren-smith-guitar-lessonsMy name is Coren Smith.  I love music and teaching others.  It is my mission to fuel the evolution of humanity; and one of the best tools we have for this is ART.  And to me, music has a special place among the arts.  Music fuels us like no other art.  We love music so much that it can make our bodies move, our hearts soar, it can change our whole outlook on life and existence.  Music means so much to each of us; it is both universal and personal at the same time.  Music transcends all boundaries.


I look out at the world today and like many I see great music is being played everywhere; except on the radio.  Now I grew up in the eighties and the nineties, so I saw an era where guitar playing had reached phenomenal new heights, followed by an age where commercially successful music was dumbed down for the general masses and great guitar players were replaced by mediocre ones.  How this came about is a topic of debate I could go on for hours (drop me a line!), but one thing is clear: we still haven’t recovered from this illness.  I am appalled at how little most guitar teachers actually know.  I have had students that have been playing for ten, even fifteen years come to me who have taken lessons and know about as much as my beginner students (with a lot of bad habits on top of that).  It’s time to graduate from kindergarten!


It is my goal to bring real guitar instruction to the masses so that we may better ourselves as musicians, and as a humanity!  I teach the knowledge and principles that will allow you to be able to play ANYTHING!  It’s all up to you, so if you have the drive then pick up your guitar and get ready to learn!!!

This isn’t school. This is Life. This is Music.